WCSO AGM, 30th January 2002.

Meeting opened 9.20pm.

1. Apologies

Present: Orchestra inc. committee.

Apologies: Nick, who in a letter thanked the old committee - especially Beccy and Clare - welcomed the new committee and made a request for people to play in Baby.

2. Summary of last year

Lent 2001 - Clare formal hall organised by Mark - thanks to him.
Concert in Trinity Chapel.
F-hall at Pembroke.

Easter 2001 - F-hall at New Hall.
May week concert in St. Columbas.
Barbeque - thanks to Beccy.

Mich. 2001 - Freshers pub crawl with no freshers.
Fitz F-hall, thanks to Angela for the party.
Baby concert followed by party in Alex's room - thanks to him.
Concert at St. Giles, thanks to Jayne Mitchell for playing the flute solo.
Followed by a party at Robs - thanks to him.

Thanks from Jon: the old committee, Beccy, John, Paul, the conductors, Selwyn for the venue and anyone who held a random party.

3. Treasurers report

"We spent some money and made some money."

Spent: 1,648.49
Made: 2,136.94 - but this included the insurance cheque.

Excluding the insurance cheque we lost around 42.

Purchases made: 2 x timp covers, snare drum case, conductors' stand and various other bits.

Final Balance = 858.45

'Baby' made 23.

Vote on accepting the report:

For: Lots of people
Against: 1
Abstain: 2

Report accepted.

4. Elections

Chair - Chris Phelps
Membership Secretary - Clare Pike
Music officer - Matt Toms
Treasurer - Dave Sim
General posts - Richard Neill, Mark Pritchard, Francesca Sanjana and David Welchew.

Stephen made some comments about care of music.

5. Motion

Motion was to change the name of WCSO to Cambridge University Philharmonic Orchestra.

Speaking in favour - Oliver Seal:
i) Financial reasons - WCSO is run on a tight budget, we only get samll audiences. CUPO will give us the CU brand and increase our audience size. (quote from Nick - ' Bigger audience = more money = better repertoire').
ii) It will not be a change of orchestra. There is no reason why we shouldn't continue to have town people in the orhestra as both CUSO and CUMS do. It won't take the fun out of the orchestra.
iii) We are no longer a west Cambridge based orchestra. In Philharmonic orchestras everyone is equal, there are no section principles, only the leader.

Speaking against - James Percival:
He joined WCSO when it had a reputaion for good parties and bad concerts.
Things have now changed but that is due to us. We will become 'The orchestra that used to be WCSO'.
It will involve lots of work for people changing bank accounts, e-mail, the constitution.
It will put non-students off playing.

Debate opened to the floor:

John: Opposes. WCSO is a memorable name. There already is a Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra.

Richard: Opposes. CUPO sounds silly and may be confused with CUSO. It will make no difference in audience size.

David W: Opposes. Concerts we've done where lots of people come to watch are those with a good venue and at a good time. Potential paperwork would be too much for any possible benefit.

Mark: (comment) The paperwork could be slowly changed over time.

Stephen: in favour. It's time to take the plunge. Finds it difficult to explain what WCSO is. 'University' may be worth including.

Chris: The issue of WCSO's reputation was of bad concerts and a social group. We no longer have that.

Stephen: Nick brought up the idea and has also had a great effect on the style of the orchestra.

Oli: We've not always been WCSO. It's been a progression from Fitz to West Cambridge to uni wide.

Clare P: 'University of Cambridge' instead of 'Cambridge university' may be less confusing with CUSO etc.

Jon: Proposed an amendment to split the motion in two

1) If we change do we go for CUPO or UCPO?
2) Do we change?

Vote on 1):
UCPO = 24
CUPO = 11

Vote on 2):
For = 20
Against = 11
Abstain = 12

Motion carried - we will become UCPO.

Meeting closed.

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