The University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra

The orchestra with a concert at West Road tonight!

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UCPO playing a concert

UCPO is a fun, friendly student-run orchestra that welcomes players of all abilities. There are no auditions, regular pub trips, Easter term garden parties, memorable annual dinners, and the best post-concert parties in Cambridge. Hurrah!

We hold a concert once a term and aim to present classical music in a fun and unpretentious way.

If you're interested in joining, whether you're new to Cambridge or not, please check out the how to join page for more information. We welcome non-university members as well as undergrads, grads and staff from any university vaguely near Cambridge (or not)- e-mail the membership secretary if you want to know more, or just turn up to a rehearsal.

Editorial note: The first webmaster of this site requested many years ago that nothing ever be removed. We've had to go against this for reasons of storage space - but everything can still be seen at the old site, and some old pages have been linked here where appropriate - dew22

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